Transfer domain to another provider

If you want to transfer an existing domain from your creoline portfolio to another provider, you can carry out the necessary steps directly via our Customer Center.

Remove transfer lock

To remove the transfer lock of an existing domain, first navigate to the desired domain via the sidebar Domains โ†’ Portfolio โ†’ domain.tld.

For the "Transfer lock" entry, select the Change button to remove the transfer lock.

Then select the new status Unlocked and confirm your change using the Save changes button.

Please note that by removing the transfer lock, the domain may no longer be protected from transfer by third parties. Only remove the transfer lock if you actually want to transfer domains to another provider.

Request Auth-Code

After the transfer lock for the desired domain has been removed, you can request the Auth-Code or, if it is already stored, display the active Auth-Code. To do this, use the Request Auth-Code or Display Auth-Code button.

Your new provider will ask you for this Auth-Code when transferring the domain. You can copy the Auth-Code directly from the pop-up window and enter it in the portal of the new provider.

Confirm domain transfer

For some TLDs, manual confirmation of the outgoing transfer via our customer center is required. If you have initiated the transfer with your new registrar and manual confirmation is required, you will automatically receive an e-mail requesting your approval.

Navigate to the menu item Domains โ†’ Outgoing domain transfers in our Customer Center and click on the domain concerned to confirm or reject the outgoing transfer.

You can check whether your TLD is affected by the manual transfer confirmation at any time in our TLD wiki in the technical data.

Example for .fr domains:

Important information about the outgoing domain transfer

Please note that for some TLDs there is a separate confirmation for the outgoing transfer. As soon as the transfer has been initiated by the new provider, you will receive an e-mail requesting your approval, if necessary.

Consequences of an outgoing domain transfer

Please note that the confirmed outgoing domain transfer will automatically deactivate some of our products.

The following products will be automatically and immediately deactivated as soon as the domain has been successfully transferred to a new provider:

If e-mail mailboxes have been configured for the domain, these should be created in advance by the new provider so that incoming e-mails are not inadvertently rejected.

Email inboxes for managed hosting tariffs are automatically converted to a ".disabled" domain and it is no longer possible to send emails.