Change domain owner (Owner-C)

The Owner-C, also known as the domain holder, is the legal owner of the domain and therefore the holder of the associated rights and obligations.

When the domain holder changes, the domain changes legal owner.

Assign domain contact as domain owner (Owner-C)

Only existing domain contacts can be assigned as the domain owner (Owner-C). If this does not yet exist, please refer to the following Help Center article to find out how to create a domain contact.

Please note that there may be a charge for changing the domain holder. You can view the costs of a change of holder in the domain price list in the Customer Center.

First navigate to your domain portfolio as follows and select the relevant domain.

Then click on the Edit domain contacts button in the detailed view of the domain.

In the Owner-C selection box, you can select the previously created domain contact and complete your changes using the Domain contact button.