Mail forwarding

Mail forwarding can be used to redirect incoming emails on an existing DNS zone to another mailbox. Mail forwarding is supported both on the basis of mailboxes and on the basis of catch-all addresses.

Create mail forwarding

Select the desired DNS zone for which you would like to set up mail forwarding. You can then configure a new forwarding via the menu items Mail forwardingCreate forwarding.

Mailbox forwarding

Enter a mailbox for the source e-mail address if you only want to forward certain source addresses. Emails to non-existent source email addresses will be discarded.

Catch-all forwarding

Do not enter a mailbox for the source e-mail address to forward all incoming e-mails from the domain to the desired target address.

Frequently asked questions about mail forwarding

Are incoming e-mails checked for spam?

Incoming e-mails are checked for spam on the basis of real-time block lists and, if necessary, rejected in the SMTP dialog.

See also: Reasons for rejecting an e-mail

What happens to e-mails if the source e-mail address does not exist?

If a non-existent e-mail address is written to, the sender receives an SMTP error code 550 5.1.1 with the error message in the SMTP dialog:

550 5.1.1 <>: Recipient address rejected:
User unknown in virtual mailbox table (in reply to RCPT TO command)

Technical implementation

The forwarding e-mail server uses the Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS for short) procedure to rewrite the envelope sender. This ensures that no original SPF or DMARC guidelines of the original e-mail are violated. The forwarded email also contains the original and valid DKIM key, if available.