Web redirects

Web redirects can be used to redirect certain domains to another URL. The HTTP status 301 or 302 is supported for the redirection. In addition, all web redirects can be secured with a Lets's Encrypt certificate.

Create web redirect

Select the desired DNS zone for which you want to set up a redirect. You can then configure a new forwarding via the menu items Web forwardingCreate forwarding.

301 redirect (permanently moved)

Further information on 301 redirects can also be found in the Mozilla documentation.

Please note that modern web browsers cache 301 redirects. If you make changes to an existing web redirect, you may need to clear the local browser cache. Alternatively, you can also check the redirect with an online tool such as https://help.creoline.com/de/tools/redirect-test.

302-Forwarding (Temporarily moved)

Further information on 302 forwarding can also be found in the Mozilla documentation.

SSL forwarding

Select the SSL forwarding option to provide an encrypted alternative via the HTTPS protocol in addition to forwarding via the HTTP protocol.

The corresponding Let's Encrypt certificate is issued automatically and automatically renewed 14 days before the expiration date. If there are any difficulties with the certificate renewal, you will automatically receive an e-mail with the necessary steps.