For domains registered via creoline DNS, we provide our Anycast DNS service free of charge. Independently of this, you can also register domains via our service but use your own name servers.

Using the name server sets, you can store your own name servers with us in the customer center so that you can transfer them to the respective domain registry.

Please note that the DNS templates, Email protection, Web forwarding, Email forwarding, DNS zone backups and DNS zone statistics functions are not available when using your own name servers.

Nameserver set administration

First log in to the customer center at and navigate to the menu item DNS → Nameserver.

Nameserver-Set Verwaltung

Create name server set

Select the Create name server set button to create a new NS set.

Nameserver-Set erstellen

Enter at least two nameservers based on your DNS hostname.

Glue records

With the help of glue records, the DNS zone can simultaneously take over the name server or DNS service for its own domain. If you want to create glue records for the name server set, you can separate the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses with a colon.

# Syntax

# Example

Store name server set for a domain

Once the name server set has been successfully created, you can add the different name servers to an existing domain. Navigate via the sidebar Domains → Portfolio to the desired domain where you want to store the new nameservers.

Domain Portfolio - Nameserver

Then select the Change button in the Nameserver area.

Nameserver einer Domain ändern

Select the previously created name server set from the drop-down menu and confirm your customization by clicking the Save changes button.

By adjusting the name servers, an UPDATE request is triggered in the background at the responsible domain registry. It may take a few hours for the order to change the new nameservers to be completed.

Please ensure that the DNS zone in the new name server has already been fully configured and that the NS entries match the previously created entries in the name server set.

The domain registry DENIC eG, responsible for the allocation of .de domains, carries out name server checks before UPDATE requests, so that a name server change may be rejected if the NS entries do not match. Please make sure that the new DNS zone has been fully configured before the change.

Check DNS resolution

You can use our DNS lookup tool to independently check the DNS resolution for domains or IP addresses at any time.

Remove name server set

If a name server set is no longer required, you can remove it using the recycle bin icon.

A name server set can only be removed if no domains are assigned to the name server set to be removed.

Nameserver-Set entfernen

Confirm your action by clicking on the Remove name server set button. The name server set is then permanently removed.