Domain contacts


A domain contact or "domain handle" is an independent data record that can be assigned to one or more domains. The domain contact can be used for the various sub-areas of domain responsibility. These include the Owner-C, Admin-C, Zone-C and Tech-C. The domain contact always contains the complete contact information of a natural or legal person. Depending on the top-level domain, different details may be mandatory for registration.

Overview of contacts

Navigate to the menu item DomainsContacts to call up the overview of domain contacts. You can use the overview to view the assigned contacts, create new contacts or edit existing contacts.

Create contact

First navigate to the overview of domain contacts. Then click on the Create contact button.

Domain-Kontakt Übersicht

Fill out the form to create a contact as desired and click on the Create contact button to use the new domain contact for the registration or transfer of a domain.

Create domain contact

Contact of type person

With this type of domain contact, the specification of the organization is optional; instead, the specification of first name and last name is mandatory. The owner of the contact is a single natural person.

Contact of type Organization

With this type of domain contact, it is mandatory to specify the organization; instead, first name and last name are optional. The owner of the contact is not a single natural person, but the specified organization or legal entity.

Edit contact

To edit an existing contact, select the desired contact in the overview. You can use the Edit contact button to edit the contact's master data.

Domain-Kontakt Informationen

Please note that the type of contact cannot be changed at a later date. For example, if you want to transfer the domain holder from a natural person PERSON to an organization ORG, first create a new contact and then assign it to the domain.

Domain-Kontakt bearbeiten

You can adjust all the information in the pop-up window. Then save your changes using the Save changes button.