Setup for incoming and outgoing e-mails

An active e-mail archive is required to set up creoline e-mail archiving. If you have not yet created an e-mail archive, you can order a new archive at any time via our customer center at

Determine e-mail address for archiving

First navigate to the archive for which you want to set up archiving. You can find all active email archives via the sidebar under Email protection → Archives. Then select the archive in which you would like to archive emails.

Use this e-mail address to archive incoming and outgoing e-mails. Configure your mail server so that all incoming and outgoing emails are additionally forwarded to this address.

Setup in Postfix

The setup for the well-known e-mail server Postfix is completed in just a few steps. Log on to the mail server via SSH and navigate to the directory /etc/postfix.

# Create creoline folder
mkdir -p /etc/postfix/creoline

# Sender & Recipient Maps
touch /etc/postfix/creoline/archive_bcc

Open the file creoline_archive_bcc with the desired editor (here nano) and enter the forwarding destinations as follows:

nano /etc/postfix/creoline/archive_bcc

Incoming and outgoing emails from and to the domain * are automatically forwarded via BCC to the archive email address and archived with this rule.

The defined rule can also be adapted to activate archiving for one mailbox only, for example. To do this, use a complete e-mail address instead of the notation.

After the forwarding file has been created, it must be converted into a database file readable by Postfix using postmap.

postmap /etc/postfix/creoline/archive_bcc

In order for the Postfix configuration to be used, the following parameters must be added to the of Postfix:

nano /etc/postfix/

# creoline e-mail archive
sender_bcc_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/creoline/archive_bcc
recipient_bcc_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/creoline/archive_bcc

Finally, the Postfix configuration must be reloaded so that the latest changes become active.

service postfix reload

Archiving is now fully set up and can be tested.