Send connector rate limit

For outgoing e-mails via the send connector infrastructure, different limits are available for the e-mails.

Send Connector Basic

Interval Limit Rule name
60 seconds 120 emails R901
1 hour 2,000 emails R902
1 day 5,000 emails R903

Send Connector Newsletter Start

Interval Limit Rule name
60 seconds 1,200 emails R501
1 hour 10,000 emails R502
1 day 20,000 e-mails R503

Send Connector Newsletter Pro

Interval Limit Rule name
60 seconds 1,200 emails R601
1 hour 20,000 emails R602
1 day 40,000 e-mails R603

Error message

If the rate limit is exceeded, the following error occurs:

554 5.7.1 Recipient address rejected: Rate limit exceeded - More information on

Please note that emails that violate the maximum rate limit are not automatically added to the queue for outgoing emails. Emails that are rejected using the code 5.7.1 must be resubmitted as soon as the rate limit is exceeded again.

Measurement details

The rate limit is measured on the basis of relative time. The respective intervals relative to the transmission attempt are therefore taken into account for each transmission attempt. Please note that the daily rate limits are not automatically reset at 0:00, but are evaluated relative to the last 24 hours.