.net.br Domain

The .net.br domain belongs to the group of country code top-level domains net.brType and therefore has a unique geographical assignment to the country Brasil (BR).

Geographical assignment

TLD Type continent country
.net.br CCTLD Brasil (BR)

Technical information

property value Note
Character length 1 - 63 Domains dürfen maximal aus 63 Zeichen bestehen
Number domains
Special characters (IDN)
DNS check
Auth-Code 2
Additional information
· OWNERC/extensions/general/vatNumber
Premium Domains
Transfer confirmation Transfer confirmation via the Admin-C contact
Status update
Registry Lock

Additional requirements

  • Nameserver must be set up in advance and provide an authoritative response.
  • Local domain owner (OwnerC) required (office/residence).
  • Trustee service possible. In addition to the domain fees, extra costs apply for each registration period. Please contact Support for more details about the trustee service.
  • Domain names similar to an existing one can only be registered by the owner of this domain.

Trustee service

If you do not fulfill the registration conditions for the local domain holder (Owner-C), you can book the trustee service to register a local domain holder with the domain registry

Type Interval Price
Trustee service tld.trustee.properties.interval 46,80 € tld.trustee.properties.price

Business transactions

Type Supported Auth-Code control
Create Realtime
Update Realtime
Deletion Manual order
Transfer Manual order
Preack Realtime

Root nameserver

# Nameserver
1 a.dns.br
2 b.dns.br
3 c.dns.br
4 d.dns.br
5 e.dns.br
6 f.dns.br