.info Domain

Geographical assignment

TLD Type continent country
.info GTLD Global (GLOBAL)

Technical information

property value Note
Character length 3 - 63 Domains dürfen maximal aus 63 Zeichen bestehen
Number domains
Special characters (IDN) Supported character sets: BIG5, EUC_JP, EUC_KR, ISCII, KOI8_R, KOI8_U, SHIFT_JIS, TIS_620, ISO_8859_7, ISO_8859_1
DNS check
The auth-code is required for the transfer
Auth-Code 2
Additional information
Premium Domains
Transfer confirmation Transfer confirmation via the Admin-C contact
Status update
Registry Lock

Additional requirements

No additional conditions for registration or transfer are required for this TLD

Business transactions

Type Supported Auth-Code control
Create Realtime
Update Realtime
Deletion Realtime
Transfer Realtime
Restore Manual order
tld.tasks.task.restoreNE Realtime
tld.tasks.task.restoreRenew Realtime
tld.tasks.task.restoreARGP Realtime
tld.tasks.task.renew Realtime
tld.tasks.task.updateStatus Realtime
Preack Realtime

Root nameserver

# Nameserver
1 a0.info.afilias-nst.info
2 a2.info.afilias-nst.info
3 b0.info.afilias-nst.org
4 b2.info.afilias-nst.org
5 c0.info.afilias-nst.info
6 d0.info.afilias-nst.org