.gmbh Domain

Geographical assignment

TLD Type continent country
.gmbh NEW_GTLD Germany (DE)

Technical information

property value Note
Character length 1 - 63 Domains dürfen maximal aus 63 Zeichen bestehen
Number domains
Special characters (IDN) Supported character sets: BIG5, EUC_JP, EUC_KR, ISCII, KOI8_R, KOI8_U, SHIFT_JIS, TIS_620, ISO_8859_7, ISO_8859_1
DNS check
The auth-code is required for the transfer
Auth-Code 2
Additional information
Premium Domains
Transfer confirmation Transfer confirmation via the Admin-C contact
Status update
Registry Lock

Additional requirements

  • Premium domains (short, memorable and general names) are more expensive in registration optionally also in renewal (e.g. car.tld).
  • The TLD is already in the General-Availability.
  • Registrants in .GMBH should, upon request by the Registrar or Registry, be able to demonstrate designation, or pending designation, as a GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) limited liability entity whose existence can be validated with the respective public authorities in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein or Switzerland. The requested domain does not match the company name or lean against this, only the domainowner must be a GmbH.

Business transactions

Type Supported Auth-Code control
Create Realtime
Update Realtime
Deletion Realtime
Transfer Realtime
Restore Manual order
tld.tasks.task.restoreNE Realtime
tld.tasks.task.restoreRenew Realtime
tld.tasks.task.restoreARGP Realtime
tld.tasks.task.renew Realtime
tld.tasks.task.updateStatus Realtime
Preack Realtime

Root nameserver

# Nameserver
1 v0n0.nic.gmbh
2 v0n1.nic.gmbh
3 v0n2.nic.gmbh
4 v0n3.nic.gmbh
5 v2n0.nic.gmbh
6 v2n1.nic.gmbh