.com.mm Domain

The .com.mm domain belongs to the group of country code top-level domains com.mmType and therefore has a unique geographical assignment to the country Myanmar (MM).

Geographical assignment

TLD Type continent country
.com.mm CCTLD Myanmar (MM)

Technical information

property value Note
Character length 1 - 63 Domains dürfen maximal aus 63 Zeichen bestehen
Number domains
Special characters (IDN)
DNS check
Auth-Code 2
Additional information
Premium Domains
Transfer confirmation Transfer confirmation via the Admin-C contact
Status update
Registry Lock

Additional requirements

  • Local domain owner (OwnerC) required (office/residence).
  • Confirmation required. Copy of commercial licence (companies) or copy of Identity Card (individuals).
  • Trustee service possible. In addition to the domain fees, extra costs apply for each registration period. Please contact Support for more details about the trustee service.
  • Domains must be registered and managed with our local nameservers.

Trustee service

If you do not fulfill the registration conditions for the local domain holder (Owner-C), you can book the trustee service to register a local domain holder with the domain registry

Type Interval Price
Trustee service tld.trustee.properties.interval 76,70 € tld.trustee.properties.price

Business transactions

Type Supported Auth-Code control
Create Manual order
Update Manual order
Deletion Manual order
Transfer Manual order
Preack Manual order

Root nameserver

# Nameserver
1 a.nic.net.mm
2 b.nic.net.mm
3 c.nic.net.mm
4 d.nic.net.mm
5 ptd.net.mm