E-mails can be sent and received via creoline Webmail without an additional e-mail program. Regardless of the hosting plan selected, creoline Webmail can be accessed via the domain: webmail.creoline.com.

Webmail registration

Call up the domain https://webmail.creoline.com in your browser:

Log in with your existing access data consisting of the complete e-mail address and the corresponding password.

Forgotten access data?
You can reset the password for an e-mail inbox via our Customer Center. You can also find further information in the article Changing the password of an e-mail inbox.

Compose new e-mail

Select the Write tab from the left sidebar to compose a new email.

Enter the desired recipient, the subject and your message in the corresponding input fields and confirm sending by clicking the Send button.

Folder management

Select the Email tab and navigate to the desired folder.

Create folder

To create a new folder, select the menu item Settings → Folder → Create from the sidebar.

Enter the desired folder name and, if applicable, select the parent folder in which you want to create the new folder.

Hide folder

To hide existing folders, you can use the button within the folder management to hide individual folders and their subfolders in Webmail.

Changes to the display options of folders are not synchronized in e-mail programs.

Remove folder

To remove an existing folder, select the relevant folder and then click Delete.

Confirm your action by clicking the Delete button.