Find out in this article how internal and external domains can be routed to your hosting plan.

DNS settings

Internal domains

Domains that you register directly via creoline can be automatically configured for the desired hosting tariff. To do this, select the desired hosting plan in the Shopping cart → Configure domain → DNS template. Once the domain has been successfully registered, the domain is automatically configured for hosting.

External domains

To be able to connect an external domain to your hosting plan, you must adjust the DNS settings with your DNS or domain provider.

First determine the correct IPv4 and or IPv6 addresses for your hosting plan by navigating to the Hosting plans menu item. Select the desired hosting plan for which you would like to add an external domain.

Then create new DNS entries at your domain / DNS provider with the previously determined IP addresses.

Example configuration:

RR-Type Host Value TTL
A @ 3600
A www 3600
AAAA @ 2a07:6fc0:1:0:77::33 3600
AAAA www 2a07:6fc0:1:0:77::33 3600

Please note that it may take a few hours for the new DNS settings to be applied worldwide.

Add domain to hosting plan

Once the DNS entries have been created, you can add the domain via the Websites & Domains menu item. The previously configured domain can be added via the Add domain button.

If the new domain is to be routed to your existing website or online store, select the same document root in the hosting settings as for your primary domain.

Standard document master for our hosting tariffs:

Hosting tariff Standard document master
WordPress /httpdocs
Shopware 5 /shopware
Shopware 6 /shopware/public

Configure domain in Shopware 5

In order for Shopware to display the correct store, the domain must be stored in the Shopware 5 backend. To do this, log in to the backend of your Shopware 5 store and open the menu item Settings → Basic settings → Shops.

Click on the existing store and fill in the Host and Hostalias fields on the right-hand side with the new Domain.

Attention: Shopware distinguishes between and **www.** Enter the desired variant (e.g. with www. prefix) in the Host field and the non-www variant in Hostalias so that Shopware automatically redirects to the www. variant.

Configure domain in Shopware 6

In order for Shopware to display the correct sales channel, the domain must be stored in the Shopware 6 administration. To do this, log into the administration of your Shopware 6 sales channel and open the sales channel via the sidebar.

Sales channel settings - Shopware 6

Domain Settings - Sales Channel Settings - Shopware 6

You can edit the existing domain via the ... icon. Enter your new domain in the Url field and save the changes using the Edit domain button.

Attention: Shopware 6 distinguishes between and **www.** Enter the desired variant (e.g. with www. prefix) in the Url field. Otherwise Shopware 6 will display an error 500 (Internal Server Error), as the domain cannot be clearly assigned to a sales channel.

For Shopware 6, a redirect to the desired prefix should also be made via the hosting settings, as Shopware 6 does not support alias domains like Shopware 5. You can select the preferred domain (e.g. with www. prefix) via the hosting settings so that the call of the non-www variant automatically redirects to the www. variant.


All 4 cases of a domain can be checked using the tool.

As a rule, the following scheme should be mapped:

domain status code description 301 Forwarding to 301 redirect to 301 Forwarding to 200 Presentation of the website

Make sure that all 3 other cases redirect immediately to the target domain and do not redirect to the actual target via multiple 301 or 302 redirects.