Set up Let's Encrypt certificate

Let's Encrypt SSL certificates offer a good and free alternative to our paid SSL certificates from Sectigo.

Set up a Let's Encrypt certificate

Navigate in the Customer Center via the Hosting tariffs menu item to the desired hosting tariff for which you would like to set up a Let's Encrypt certificate.

Then select the SSL/TLS certificates button under Websites & Domains.

Here you select Install free basic certificate from Let's Encrypt.

In addition to the primary domain, you can also secure the www. or webmail. subdomain using the Let's Encrypt certificate.

If you select Issue SSL/TLS placeholder certificate, you must also configure a DNS entry via the zone administration.

If SSL/TLS placeholder certificate is selected, the associated DNS entry must be updated manually in the event of a renewal, as the DNS challenge changes as a result of the renewal.

Then click on the Use for free button to request the certificate.

After successful verification, a message will appear stating that the certificate has been successfully installed and you will be taken to the certificate details.