Change the password of an e-mail inbox

There are two methods available for changing an e-mail inbox password.

Please note that you only have access to our customer center if you have been invited to the respective organization. Individual e-mail users can only reset their password via our webmail interface.

About the customer center

First log in to the customer center at Then select the desired hosting plan for which you would like to change the password of an email account via the Hosting plans menu item. Then navigate to the Email mailboxes tab to access the administration of your created mailboxes.

Overview of e-mail administration Customer Center](/api/attachments.redirect?id=f9e26a86-fd20-4bba-be7b-50def4ca5649)

To change the password, select the relevant e-mail inbox and enter a new password or generate a new one via our customer center. Confirm your entry by clicking on Apply or OK to apply the change.

Do not forget to update the password after the change in the applications you use, e.g. e-mail programs, WordPress and/or Shopware environments, etc., in order to avoid reception and/or transmission problems.

Via webmail interface

First log in to the Webmail interface of creoline with the corresponding e-mail inbox. Then select the Settings menu item in the left sidebar.

Password settings webmail

You can assign a new password via the Password menu item. Confirm your entries by clicking on Save to confirm the password change.