Set up FTP user

To set up a new FTP account, first log in to the customer center at with your access data.

Select the hosting plan for which you would like to create a new FTP user via the Hosting plans menu item. Then navigate to the Manage hosting button and open the Plesk Control Panel.

Set up FTP user

FTP-Konto einrichten

Click on the Add FTP account button to create a new FTP account. Fill out the form to create an additional FTP account:

Property Description
FTP account name User name for logging in via FTP
Base directory The root directory for the FTP user
Password The password for authentication via FTP

The new FTP account can be saved using the OK button and is immediately ready for use.

Establish connection with an FTP client

Use the following connection information to connect to the FTP server:

input field value
Port 21
Connection type Passive
Encryption SSL/TLS (Explicit)
Username The previously specified FTP account name
Password The previously specified password