Order server certificate

To order a new SSL certificate for your web server, first select the menu item Certificates in the Customer Center.

Übersicht SSL-Zertifikate

You can select the desired server certificate via the Order certificate button.

Server-Zertifikat bestellen

You can generate the certificate request (CSR) for your server name using the Configure now button. You can either use your own CSR key or generate a CSR via our customer center.

Generate CSR key automatically

Server-Zertifikat konfigurieren

Enter the domain you wish to protect and apply your settings by clicking on the Add to cart button.

Provide CSR key

Alternatively, you can also use your own CSR key. To do this, select the option Use your own CSR key in the CSR key selection window. You can also find more information on generating your own certificate signing request in the document Certificate request.

Provide CSR key manually


Verification of the ownership of the domain is required for issuing server certificates. You can select an authentication method via the Configure certificate button.

Authentication via DNS entry

Select the CNAME DNS record option to verify the ownership of your domain using a CNAME DNS record.

Internal DNS zone

If your DNS zone is hosted via creoline DNS, you do not need to take any further steps. The necessary DNS entry is automatically created in the background and deleted after successful verification.

External DNS zone

If your DNS zone is hosted by another provider, you must create the CNAME entry manually. The required DNS entry is displayed in the shopping cart and checked automatically. As soon as the DNS entry has been recognized, the order can be placed.

Authentication via e-mail address

If you do not have access to the DNS zone, you can also verify the ownership of the domain using one of the prescribed e-mail addresses.