You can use the DNS zone backups to create manual or automatic backups of your DNS zone. The backups are saved in BIND format and can be used to export DNS zones or to restore them.

To manage the backups of a DNS zone, select the corresponding DNS zone in the zone administration. You can then manage the backups of the DNS zone via the Backups menu item.

Create backup

Backups of DNS zones are created in two different ways. A distinction is made here between the automatic and manual creation of backups.

Automatic creation

If the DNS zone has been changed in the last 24 hours by manual changes or automated changes via our REST API, an automated backup of the DNS zone is created automatically at 00:00 (UTC).

Automatic backups are only created if the new backup differs from the old backup.

Manual creation

To create a manual backup of a DNS zone, select the Create backup button.

DNS-Zonen Backups

You can optionally add a description to the backup, e.g. to document certain changes in detail so that you can easily find the backup in the event of a later restore.

DNS-Zonen Backup erstellen

Restore backup

To restore a backup of a DNS zone, click on the desired backup to initiate the restore.

Before the restore, the number of DNS entries before and after the restore is displayed.

DNS-Zonen Backup wiederherstellen

Before restoring a backup, it is advisable to create a backup of the current status in order to undo the restore if necessary.

Download backup

Click on the Download backup button to export the backup as a BIND file.