DynDNS setup

In this Help Center article, you will learn how to set up DynDNS in your router so that changes to the IP address can be transmitted immediately to the corresponding DynDNS host name.

A DynDNS host name is required for the setup. If you have not yet created a hostname, you will find step-by-step instructions in the Help Center article DynDNS hostnames.


First log in to your FRITZ!Box web interface with your access data and navigate to the menu item Internet → Shares → DynDNS.

Then activate the Use DynDNS button.

Enter the following information for your FRITZ!

FritzBox DynDNS Confiugration

property value
DynDNS provider Custom
Update URL https://api.creoline.com/v1/dyndns/update/?domain=<domain>&ipv4=<ipaddr>
Username DynDNS username*
password DynDNS password*

The DynDNS user name and the DynDNS password can be found in the customer center in the DNS → DynDNS section. Further information

Then confirm your entries via the Apply menu item.

Telekom Speedport

Use the following configuration for your Telekom Speedport:

Property Value
Provider Other provider
Domain name Your DynDNS host name
Username Your DynDNS username
Password Your DynDNS password
update server address https://api.creoline.com/v1/dyndns/update/
Protocol HTTPS
Port 443

Telekom Digital Box

Use the following configuration for your Telekom Digital Box:

Property Value
DYNDNS provider
provider name DYNDNS.APP
Server api.creoline.com
update path /v1/dyndns/update/?domain=&ipv4=
port 443
protocol DynDNS
update interval 300
DYNDNS update
hostname your DynDNS hostname
Interface WAN
Username Your DynDNS username
Password Your DynDNS password
Activate update Yes

Check function

To ensure that DynDNS synchronization is working properly, navigate to the change log of the host name in the customer center after successful setup in your router. (DNS → DynDNS → Hostname → Change log)

If the DynDNS synchronization has worked properly, you will find the following entry in the change log:

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