How do I set up the Creoline CDN for Shopware 6?

In this help center article, we show you step-by-step how to install and set up our CDN plugin in Shopware 6.



In order to use the CDN for Shopware 6, the plugin from the Shopware Community Store is required. You can download it here: CDN Plugin Shopware Community Store

After you have obtained the CDN plugin free of charge with your Shopware account, you can log in to the Shopware admin area and install the plugin via the plugin manager.

The plugin can be found under Extensions โ†’ My extensions.

Shopware 6 Administration - My Extensions

With a click on Install you can easily install the plugin on your Shopware 6 server.

Shopware 6 Administration - Install extension

After installing the CDN plugin for Shopware 6, you can activate the plugin by clicking on the slider on the left-hand side.

Shopware 6 Administration - Activate extension

After you have installed and activated the extension, it will appear in the extension overview, where you can continue with the configuration of the extension.


The CDN for Shopware 6 offers the option of defining different configurations for each sales channel. Among other things, this offers the advantage that the CDN URLs can be different for each sales channel so that measures for optimizing for Google can have the best possible effect. You can make the configuration globally for all stores in your Shopware admin area via the all sales channels item.

To configure the CDN extension, navigate to Extensions โ†’ My extensions Once there, you can click on the 3 dots on the right-hand side and select Configure to access the extension settings.

Shopware 6 Administration - Configure extension

When configuring, it is important that you order a CDN server in the Customer Center and assign it a CDN domain that you want to use for your store. See: Order Content Delivery Network

After ordering, you will find the most important data you need to configure the CDN plugin in your Customer Center under Content Delivery Network.

Creoline Customer Center - Content Delivery Network](/api/attachments.redirect?id=0a90e449-12d6-43d1-bc35-a0e9a2794e3a)

Once there, you can change the destination server to your server, or if you use a working domain, of course you can also use your TLD domain.

The CDN domain to be used is important for the configuration of the CDN plugin. You can enter the CDN domain in your CDN plugin configuration under Creoline API access data โ†’ CDN domain.

Shopware 6 Administration - CDN plugin configuration - CDN domain

Next, you need to enter the shop domain and the sales channel you want to use in the CDN plugin configuration.

Please ensure that the directory for the sales channel is entered correctly. You can find this information in the settings of your sales channels. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

Shopware 6 Administration - CDN-Plugin-Configuration - Shop Settings

It is also possible to load the CSS (Cascading Stylesheet) and JS (JavaScript) via the CDN. You can also load the selected content via the CDN in Shopware Administration. You can use the corresponding sliders in the configuration for this purpose.

Shopware 6 Administration - CDN Plugin Configuration - CDN Settings

Last but not least, once you have configured the CDN plugin, you should save the changed settings so that they take effect.

Please note that after setting up and configuring the CDN plugin for Shopware 6, the theme cache and the HTTP cache must be cleared.


If you have any questions about the configuration and use of our CDN resources and the CDN plugin for Shopware 6, please feel free to contact our support team, all important information can be found at: Contact us