How do I set up an alias domain for my CDN?

In this help center article you will learn how to add another alias domain to your creoline CDN.

Intended use

Alias domains can be used to reach a CDN resource via additional domains.


First log in to the Customer Center and select the CDN for which you would like to create a new alias domain via the menu item Content Delivery Network.

Then select the desired CDN resource and navigate to the Alias domains tab and click on the Create alias domain button.

Once you have configured the new domain alias, click on the Create alias domain button.

Once the alias domain has been created, it is immediately available for use.


If you no longer need an alias domain, it can be removed by clicking on the remove icon. The deletion must then be confirmed again before the entry is finally removed.

Please note that content will no longer be delivered via the alias domain once it has been deleted and that deleted alias domains can be reused after 90 days at the earliest.