Determine CDN statistics


If you use a Content Delivery Network, you can view all the statistics in the Customer Center in order to be able to draw conclusions from the traffic consumption.

CDN Statistics

To view the CDN statistics, log in to the Customer Center with your user account and navigate to the menu item Content Delivery Network and select the CDN resource for which you would like to view the statistics.

Kundencenter - CDN-Ressourcen Übersicht

You can select the desired CDN resource in the Customer Center. You will be taken to the overview where you can select the Statistics tab.

Kundencenter - CDN Statistiken

You can view the following points in the statistics:

Menu item Description
Total Performance Shows the overall performance of the CDN resource
Traffic usage The traffic consumed. If this is exceeded, further costs are incurred
Hits vs. Misses The ratio between hits and misses indicates how much static content could be delivered immediately by the CDN. A miss occurs as soon as the CDN server has not yet stored the static resource in the cache and has to download it from the target server for the first time.
Status code distribution The distribution of the HTTP status codes shows possible complications with the accessibility of the defined target server
Content-based distribution The distribution of content represents the percentage distribution of the various content type headers
The distribution of the Points of Presence (PoP) servers shows the percentage distribution of the responding PoP servers.