CDN Rendering API

This article explains how the creoline® CDN Rendering API can be controlled. The parameters specified here are configured at runtime via the HTTP query parameters.


In order to use the Rendering API, it must first be activated via our Customer Center. To do this, log in to our Customer Center at and select the desired CDN resource for which the rendering API is to be activated. Then open the settings via the Settings tab and activate the Rendering API there.

Image manipulation can only be used for source resources up to 10 MB. If the source file on your target server is larger than 10 MB, the original file is returned.

Parameter overview

Parameter Default value Description
w NULL image width
h NULL image height
ar 1 Aspect Ratio Consideration
q NULL Image quality (JPG, PNG, WebP)
cwp 1 Automatically generate WebP graphic

Deactivate automatic WebP conversion

You can use the cwp parameter to deactivate the automatic conversion of WebP graphics.

# Original image

# JPG graphic is not automatically converted to WebP:

Manipulation of the image size

The manipulation of the image size can be defined via the parameters w Width and h Height. Manipulating the image size is suitable, for example, for generating thumbnails on preview pages without having to generate additional thumbnails.

# Original image

# Image size reduced to: 250x250

Original image - 500 x 500 pixels

Thumbnail - 250 x 250 pixels

In this example, the image is rendered to the size of 250px * 250px, whereby the resizing in the default setting takes the aspect ratio into account.

The ar aspect ratio parameter can be used to generate images regardless of the actual aspect ratio.

Attention: By deactivating the aspect ratio consideration, graphics can be manipulated unintentionally.


# Original image

# Image size reduced to: 250x350

Manipulation of the image quality

The quality of the image can be influenced independently of the CDN setting via the HTTP query parameter q. There are different parameters depending on the image type.

Image quality for JPG and WebP graphics:

Parameter Value Quality
q 20 Low
q 40 Medium
q 60 Good
q 80 Very good (recommended)
q 100 Original

Image compression for PNG graphics:

Parameter Value Quality
q 6 Medium
q 7 Good
q 8 Very good
q 9 Maximum (recommended)

In the settings of your CDN resource, the settings per image type can be defined globally so that the quality specification in the URL is not required. To do this, you can define the quality of the image types in the Customer Center under CDNSettings.