Google Chrome error message: Did you mean [website name] ?

When using our content delivery network, the error message "Did you mean [domain] ?" may appear in Google Chrome if the CDN domain is similar to the primary domain.

The official Google documentation mentions the following:

Did you mean [website name]?

If you get this message, Chrome thinks that the web address may correspond to a different website than the one you are expecting.

The message may also say "Is this the right website?" or "Warning: Fake website".

You will receive this message if the website you are trying to visit,

  • is similar to a secure website that you normally visit,
  • attempts to deceive you with a URL that has been slightly modified from a known secure website, or
  • has a URL that is slightly different from a URL in your browser history.

If you believe that a page has been falsely reported and you want to access the website, click Ignore.

The error occurs if the primary domain has a clear match with the selected CDN domain. This function prevents similar websites from being published under a very similar domain name. When using the creoline CDN, however, this is an intentional behavior that can be remedied by using a digital asset link file.


The error can be permanently rectified using the digital asset link. To do this, publish a file with the cross-linking of the two domains on the primary domain under the URI /.well-known/assetlinks.json:

  "relation": ["lookalikes/allowlist"],
  "target" : { "namespace": "web", "site": ""}
  "relation": ["lookalikes/allowlist"],
  "target" : { "namespace": "web", "site": ""}


Make sure not to use subdomains such as www. The link must refer to the https:// variant of the primary domain without subdomains and must not contain any redirects.

You can then trigger Google's automatic verification process. Please use the following URL:

Further information on the "Lookalike " security mechanism of Google Chrome can also be found in the Chromium docs:

After you have submitted the Google form for review, you will then receive an email from the sender "Lookalie Appeals Bot via monorail" (email address ends at This email contains a link to an automatically created ticket where you can view the status of the review.

If the automatic check cannot be completed correctly, please contact our support team.

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