How do I set up the creoline CDN for Shopware 6?

To install it in Shopware 6, first go to Shopware Administration and select the menu item Extensions → Store. Then search for the term "CDN for Shopware 6" and install the corresponding extension.

Extensions - Shopware Administration](/api/attachments.redirect?id=6377a6d9-d072-4d60-b9e3-d85e0de1d706)

If you are downloading the extension for the first time, please read the General Terms and Conditions of shopware AG and then confirm the dialog:

Configure extension

Navigate to the menu item Extensions → My extensions and call up the configuration for the recently installed extension.

Extensions - Shopware Administration

Customize CDN configuration:

setting value
Sales channel Select the sales channels in which the CDN should be activated.
CDN domain Enter the CDN domain you have selected. If you have not yet registered a CDN domain, you can register a new CDN domain here.
Store domain Enter the domain for your store. Please note whether you operate your store with www. or without www.. If you operate Shopware in a subdirectory, enter only the store domain without the subdirectory.
Load CSS via CDN Activate this option to load the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) via the CDN
Load JavaScript via CDN Activate this option to load the JavaScript (JS) via the CDN
Use CDN in the administration Activate this option to use the CDN in the Shopware administration

Once you have accepted the configuration, you can save the settings and clear the Shopware cache.

Check CDN functionality

To check whether the CDN is working properly, you can call up the storefront of your store and use the network analysis to check whether the images are already being loaded by our CDN. If you are using Google Chrome or Firefox. In your storefront, right-click on your page and select the menu item Examine element. Then select the Network tab in the developer tools and then reload the page.

creoline CDN Funktionalität prüfen

Then click on an image and check the URL from which the image was retrieved. If your CDN domain is displayed, the CDN has been set up successfully. If your store domain is still displayed, clear the Shopware cache and HTTP cache.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the CDN if I run Shopware in a subdirectory?

Yes, you can also use the CDN in combination with Shopware 6 in a subdirectory. No special settings are required for this. Please make sure that you do not specify the relevant subdirectory in the store domain.

Example configuration for in a subdirectory:

setting store
CDN domain
store domain

Do not use a final / for the two settings.

One or more fonts are not loaded

If one or more fonts are not loaded, this is often related to the deactivated cross-origin resource sharing policy. Use the developer tools to check whether the following error message appears:

Access to font at ''
from origin '' has been blocked by CORS policy:
No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.

Shopware CDN - CORS error

To resolve the error, navigate to the CDN settings in the creoline Customer Center and activate the CORS Origin Header option.

My images are delivered through the CDN, but do not contain a .webp suffix

In this case, please refer to the article: Why does the CDN not deliver a .webp suffix in the URL?